Monday, 4 January 2010

Monday Card Opportunity Of a lifetime

  1.This is a normal size yellow card.
  2.First I covered the card with Eco Simple patterened paper.  That is the base to the card.
  3 Then from the same kit I cut two different strips of patterned papers.
  4 Then I cut out a vellum phrase and took out a border from Eco Simple scrapbook kit.
  5 After that was the aligning part. First I thought to align it to the centre then i thought to align it to the left  finally made up my mind to keep it on the right.
 6. Adhere up the vellum with the vellum adhesive (can do with the normal one also)
 7. Adher the patterened paper and then the border to give it a final touch I trimmed out a plain paper coloerd with the same color as the base
 8. My final touches were a pink ribbon from making memories and a red button. :). Oh and i alos rounded my corners.

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