Thursday, 28 January 2010


Hello all of you out there. Its been a really long week. Had guests over. I was the tour "girl" at all times, so I didn't have any time to make a card. Yesterday they left and I had a blast with them :) . We went jetsking, we went to the so called Burj Khalifa,shopping,desert safari etc.
     Now on to the card :)

This is black cardstock and the ribbon idea is from kristina. I made this card in such a hurry not a good idea at all I just wanted to make one so bad but had limited time so you will notice ALOT of mistakes in that card hehehe like when I was rounding the corner I didn't realize that the card was too small and my edge punch was too big or...... I don't know something went wrong. Any ideas to cover up that mistake I made?? I personally didn't like what came out but still had to post something :)
Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back hopefully on monday with a new card :)...

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