Sunday, 31 January 2010

Around The House Challenge #5 - Box Tops

This is the first time Im doing this challenge. So you have to make a card,a scrapbook page or an altered item out of a box top. I pulled out a top from a cereal box and looked at it for a while and the first thing that came to my mind was a bookmark! This is the first time Im making a bookmark,my first attempt.Here it goes I hope you guyz like it :$
In the beginning this bookmark was colored ermm I would say kraft maybe. It wasn't white. So if I put any color on it, that color wouldn't be its original when put on some other color so it has to be white. First step was that I painted it white with some really good water colors. They are really thick and nice. After that I painted it with burgundy color.Mixture of red and purple. Then I made swirls just for a background image.After that I drew a heart on a scrap peice of paper. Put some glue on it and gliterred it red and pruple. Cut it and put it up on my bookmark.After that i cut a piece of cardstock in soft pink. Wrote my message on it. Placed it where I wanted to on the bookmark. Finished it with some pop up butterflies and a maroon ribbon, :) Rounded the edge too

Thanks girls for putting up this amzing challenge had alot of fun with it :)

I love reading books and novels so a bookmark is really important and a fancy bookmark just makes the book look more interesting. These can also be used in albums too. I just love what I created and I think i'll be ripping off more cereal boxes to make these :D.Thanks to my nephews they eat alot of cereal.


  1. What a clever idea! Thanks for playing with us Kitchen Sink girls! :D

  2. So pretty and what a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for playing with us in the challenge! :)

  3. Wow, I can't believe that is chipboard, what a wonderful transformation.

  4. Fun! I totally wouldn't know that's a box top!

  5. Very cute! Thanks so much for playing along with our challenge! :)